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Athena-s3 Success Stories - EuroBake

Near Portland, Oregon, EuroBake is a favorite among the locals. EuroBake offers a wide selection of handcrafted cakes, pies, cookies, and other pastries in addition to their grill. Recently, EuroBake tested a brand-new Athena-s3 flow wrapper. The business required a flow wrapper that could package a variety of tiny bakery items as well as full pies and other pastry goods for retail display.

Owner of EuroBake Josh Svenard, who is responsible for packaging their baking product lines, was delighted to accept the Athena-s3 on a trial basis. The business required automated packing equipment since it was positioned for significant expansion. Since then, EuroBake has acquired the identical Athena-s3, which consistently wraps cookies, maple loaves, and nazooks every day. Josh was drawn to the HMI's user-friendly features, including its simple operation and remote access, which allow for quick and simple operation and changeover on the flow wrapper.

With its wide jaws and simple-to-use adjustable shaping box, the Athena-s3 can handle a variety of items, which helped it make a final sale. By utilizing these functions and the simple operator interface, EuroBake can quickly go from enclosing tiny cookies to large pies. Setting packaging settings, saving recipes, and performing rapid changeovers are all made simple for Josh's team by the Omron Automation control system's color icon controls.

The project with EuroBake was supervised by Herbert Moosakanian, Chief Packaging Officer for Packaging Made Easy. He says, "I was blown away when I first tried one of Josh's pastries! And I'm not even a big fan of sweets. I was impressed by their excellent bakery goods. They were the perfect option for a beta installation since they are so close to our national headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also where the Athena-s3 is constructed. For them to develop packaging that successfully shows EuroBake's delectable delicacies while preserving the freshness of their goods, the Athena-s3 is the perfect flow wrapper. As EuroBake's operations expand, I look forward to working with them.

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