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How it all started: Packaging Made Easy's Story

Packaging Made Easy sourced machinery from multiple OEMs before working with Omron.

These machines worked as intended by the OEM, but they frequently required numerous engineering hours to adjust mechanical and electrical parts in order to provide their end customers with a scalable and modular machine that was easily adaptable to future market changes. It was far more challenging to create solutions that completely covered their desired offering because they had no control over the "guts" of the machines they had been given.

Additionally, Packaging Made Easy discovered that it was more difficult to control the complete machine because the machines it had received frequently had automation components from different suppliers.

For instance, there have been instances where particular control technologies have had communication issues with a different brand of servo motor. Additionally, alternative controllers frequently had limitations when it came to being able to manage parts made by different manufacturers.

The motion, controls, and HMI integration all need to be improved on in the original application. Due to these difficulties, we began searching for a new hardware option as well as a new platform that would enable simple remote communication and troubleshooting. They asked EIS Automation to assist them in designing and constructing a unique machine with integrated control and parts that would function harmoniously as a unit without requiring a significant amount of engineering time.

With its most recent market introduction, the Athena-S3 Horizontal Flow Wrapper has already seen a great deal of success. Sales at Packaging Made Easy have surged by 124%, and the company anticipates that demand will rise further as processing and packaging businesses boost their investments in automation.

Every Athena-S3 that leaves the manufacturing site can be identified as having Omron controls, motion, and industrial components because of their capacity to enable a wide range of features that offer value for package makers seeking machines that can be updated as the market evolves.

Additionally, Packaging Made Easy is pushing their multi-step strategy for enhancing the overall packaging process, which includes enabling the seamless addition of additional functionalities without modifying the main machine. This entails the creation of an end-of-line modular solution for automated secondary packaging pick-and-place employing collaborative robots from the Omron TM series. This module will also be expandable, enabling customers to include add-ons as market demands change, making it genuinely future-proof.

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