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Athena-s3 Flow Wrapper

Athena-s3 Flow Wrapper

Our Athena-s3 is a great addition to any packaging line or for any company looking to increase packaging thoughput.

Our Athena-s3 is made locally in Las Vegas, Nevada and we offer local and remote support for all our systems.
The Athena-s3 was designed with the operators in mind with the easy to use HMI Touchscreen you can easily store recipes and setup new recipes for other products.


Our Athena-s3 is avaialble in three lenth options: 5ft, 10ft & 15ft and also available as a single jaw unit (Up to 100 ppm) or Dual Jaw unit (Up to 200 ppm).

Our systems can be tailored to your current needs and can easily be integrated to any existing line or give you the flexibilty to automate further in the future.


The Athena-s3 is ideal for any Bakery, Copacker, Print or anyone in between!

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    1: What is a flow wrapper, and how does it work?
    A: A flow wrapper, also known as a horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine, is a packaging equipment used to wrap products in a sealed pouch or package. It works by forming a continuous tube of packaging material, filling the product into the tube, sealing the edges, and then cutting and separating individual packages.


    2: What types of products are suitable for flow wrapping?
    A: Flow wrappers are versatile and can handle a wide range of products, such as bakery items, snacks, confectionery, medical devices, and more. They're especially popular for products that need a tight and secure wrap.


    3: How can flow wrappers improve packaging efficiency?
    A:  Flow wrappers automate the packaging process, significantly reducing manual labor. They can handle high production volumes with consistent speed and accuracy, leading to improved efficiency and reduced packaging costs.


    4: What are the benefits of using a flow wrapper for bakery products?
    A: Flow wrappers are ideal for bakery items like bread, cookies, and pastries. They maintain product freshness, provide a tamper-evident seal, and enhance shelf appeal. The tight seal prevents moisture and contaminants from affecting the product.


    5: Can flow wrappers accommodate various package sizes?
    A: Yes, flow wrappers can be adjusted to accommodate different package sizes. They are designed to handle a variety of product dimensions and can be easily set up for specific packaging requirements.


    6: What type of packaging materials can be used with flow wrappers?
    A: Flow wrappers can work with various packaging materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, and more. The choice of material depends on the product's characteristics and the desired level of protection.


    7: Are flow wrappers suitable for food safety and hygiene standards?
    A: Absolutely. Flow wrappers are designed with hygiene in mind. They are constructed using materials that are easy to clean, and their enclosed design minimizes the risk of contamination. They comply with food safety regulations and industry standards.


    8: Can flow wrappers be integrated into existing production lines?
    A: Yes, flow wrappers can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. Manufacturers often offer different options for infeed and outfeed systems to ensure smooth integration and compatibility with the rest of your packaging equipment.


    9: What maintenance is required for a flow wrapper?
    A: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning, lubrication, and routine checks for wear and tear. Most manufacturers provide maintenance guidelines in the machine's manual.


    10: Is training provided for operating a flow wrapper?
    A: Yes, Packaging Made Easy offers training for operating and maintaining Athena-s3. Flow Wrappers. Training sessions cover machine operation, troubleshooting common issues, and routine maintenance to ensure that your staff can operate the machine efficiently.


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