Our X is a multilayer, crosslinked, polyolefin shrink film. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but tough enough to package incongruous shaped items. Our X has prop. erties that'll protect heat-sensitive products. Applications include printed and converted paper products, items packed in light weight trays and boxes, and softer products. The high shrink in our X allows the packaging of odd shaped items, and produces the best clarity and retail ready appearance.

Our X goes through a cross-linking process that increases the tensile strength and durabil- ity, while also providing durable and seamless seals as well high puncture resistance. That means wrapping packages in our X results in better protection for your product and more versatility in the application it can be used with.



Cross-Linked Film

  • Features & Benefits:

    • Tough
    • High Free Shrink
    • Versatile & Flexible
    • Superior Optics
    • High Puncture Resistance

    Applications & Options:

    • Versatile & User friendly and can be used on Shanklin, Texwrap, Conflex, Arpac & PreferredPackaging Equipment (Semi Automatic & High Speed
    • Available in either single wound (Xs) or center-folded Xc)
    • Reperforation available upon request

    FDA/USDA & USPS Status

    Our X Cross Linked Shrink Film comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) re- quirements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended. Our X Cross Linked Shrink Film complies with FDA regulation 21 CF 177.1520 - Olefin polymers, allowing use for articles that contact food, except for articles used for packaging or holding food during cooking.