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What shrink film do you really need?

Shrink Film:

Pallet shrink wrap and thermal shrink wrap are two things that are commonly referred to as shrink wrap. Both have diverse constructions and use a variety of materials and chemicals. We shall emphasize both the utilization and the materials due to their wide range. The measurements listed below are given in mil thickness and gauge. Use a gauge conversion chart if you have other units of measurement to better grasp your film's possibilities. The following outlines typical pallet and heat shrink thicknesses, strengths, and suggested uses—a minor departure from our last essay, which was solely focused on heat shrink wrap thicknesses.

Heat shrink wrap in the 45 to 50 gauge range is frequently manufactured of crosslinked polyolefin. Through the use of irradiation, polymers are crosslinked. A stronger yet thinner shrink film is created by the polymers' interlinking.

60 gauge heat shrink wrap is available in a variety of materials, including PVC, polyolefin, crosslinked polyolefin, and a few others. 60 gauge heat shrink wrap, one of the more widely used heat shrink wrap thicknesses, can be used as bags, centerfold shrink wrap, and tamper-evident seals on bottles.

The thinner-made product is user-friendly and simple to open. Use with lighter consumable and non-consumable goods is advised. For products with sharp edges, a crosslinked polyolefin shrink film may be useful. Pies, cookies, and other edible products are shielded from tampering by standard. If you're wrapping lightweight metal components or parts with sharp edges, we advise using a crosslinked film such as our X Shrink Film.

The most prevalent thickness of retail heat shrink wrap is 75 gauge. widely accessible in polyolefin, crosslinked polyolefin, and PVC. 75 gauge heat shrink can wrap items weighing up to 15 lbs depending on transportation stress after being wrapped, while still being thin and generally simple to open.

For products with a total weight closer to the 15 lb range, a crosslinked material works well. The shrinking material will remain closed with the aid of stronger seals. This thickness is not advised for parcel transportation by USPS or UPS without a box, not even with a crosslinked material.

For packing heavier items for retail and commercial use, such as boxes up to 25 lbs., metal objects, combination packs of two or three bottles, and more, use 100 gauge heat shrink wrap. A 100 gauge shrink wrap will have a strong seal and ability to withstand tears.

Lighter packages are frequently wrapped in 100 gauge crosslinked shrink film for exterior packaging. Lose the external shipping box and use our X crosslinked polyolefin heat shrink wrap to send products weighing up to 12 or 15 pounds. It will be completely enclosed and sealed. A crosslinked 100 gauge may package things up to 50 lbs. depending on handling after packing, if the product being packaged is not being sent.

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