Our HPS High Performance Low Shrink film is a 5 Layer polyolefin shrink film. The HPS is the happy medium between our RS and X film. It has the versatility to be used on both semi automatic & high speed applications. Works great with delicate products and heat sensitive products because it shrinks well under lower temperatures and is delicate enough not to distort the product. Gentle yet balanced shrink is what you can expect when using our HPS Low Shrink.



High Performance Low Shrink

  • Features & Benefits:

    • Low Temperatures and less energy with high shrinkage
    • Hot Slip after Shrinkage
    • Great Clarity & Gloss
    • Corrosion free and deposit free seals

    Applications & Options:

    • • Can be used with semi-automatic & high speed machinery (preferably used on Preferred
    • Packaging equipment)
    • • Available in either single wound (HPS-s) or center-folded HPS-c)
    • • Reperforation available upon request

    FDA/USDA & USPS Status
    Our S Regular Shrink complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended. Our S Regular Shrink complies with FDA regulation 21 CF 177.1520 - Olefin polymers, allowing use for articles that contact food, except for articles used for packaging or holding food during cooking.